Enhancing Efficiency and Durability: Groove Type Sleeves

Enhancing Efficiency and Durability: Groove Type Sleeves

8 April 2024

Groove Type Sleeves!!!

Ceramic Bushes, Stellite Grade 4-6-12, Tribaloy T800, Cobalt Alloys Bushes and Sleeves Bearings
In a Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll, Correcting Roll are used to guide strip in Zinc Pot.
 Bushes and Sleeve Bearing installed to the Motor and Operator side of Sink, Stabilizing and Correcting Rolls are important for the followings;

  •     Maximum wearing resistance at high temperature,
  •     Compensating angular misalignments, various forces,
  •     Improving the process efficiency and quality defects,
  •     Preventing line stoppages,
  •     Increasing the service life time of zinc pot equipment (Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll, Correcting Roll)

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