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Our focal point revolves around production with advanced technology in Continous Hot Dip Galvanizing Line of the Steel Industry!

The steel industry stands as one of the world's most crucial manufacturing sectors, serving as the foundation of civilization. If the world has been shaped by the knowledge of those who add value to metal, and if Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation have enveloped the entire globe like a cascading snowball from the summit, then today, we are right there at the forefront.

In the strategically significant Bursa Region, in our ongoing production journey spanning 6000 square meters, we take pride in being the industry's premier solution partner, thanks to our knowledge, experience, and investments.

Leveraging our experience of over 20 years, we improve the efficiency of Continous Hot Dip Galvanizing Line Process, recognized as the key to progress and sustainable development. We consistently achieve the same high-quality standards with each endeavor.

At FOCUS, our focal point in every aspect of Continous Hot Dip Galvanizing Line Process is automation and continuous improvement,without neglecting contributing to life with sustainable values.

As the most valuable solution partner for the world's foremost steel producers, we take enormous pride in our role.

Behind all of this success lies the skillset of a team that not only envisions but also

implements and sustains high quality production.

As the sole foundry in Turkey meeting the high wear resistance requirements for bushes and sleeves used in the Zinc Bath through centrifugal casting, we take the lead in industrial advancement. We enhance the durability of critical components and equipment in every domestic and international application of Galvanized Products.

As a company specializing in the production of the critical spare parts for the Zinc Bath of Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines, we have centered our focus on the manufacturing of bushes and sleeves, Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll and Correcting Roll with our know – how in order to improve the performance of production.

Emphasizing the quality and long service life provided by the Centrifugal Casting method in the production of bushes and sleeves, we focus mainly on improving our products quality and standards, enhancing efficiency. With our advanced engineering experience in high technology, we meet our customers' quality expectations.

We are present in every aspect of life, catering to the global demand for cobalt alloy

materials, particularly in Europe, and worldwide, where products necessitate high wear resistance and resistance to high temperatures.

In pursuit of this goal, we enhance the durability of high-alloy bushes and sleeves

used in various industries through centrifugal casting. Additionally, we contribute to our customer's sustainable production performance while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint with low emission values. We gain value from used products through recycling, and providing advantages to our customers during the recycling process.

Throughout our journey...

 Quality and long-lasting production" are our essentials. We track our products through SAP, ERP, and barcode systems and conduct analyses using our accredited laboratory and technical measurement devices, this ensures the standardization of our products, we priorities enhancing our products performance through research and development (R&D) and engineering.

We take responsibility for the quality of our products, and through our customer technical services department, we meet customer expectations seamlessly in all stages of production, sales, and post-sales.
This is a compass driven by quality and experience with its target and course set on

production. With our growth strategy centered around research and development (Ar-Ge) and innovation, our focus is on high-tech production. Our destination is to be a pioner for supplying bushes and sleeves all around the world.


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