Bushes and Sleeves (Ceramic and Cobalt Alloys)
Bushes and Sleeves (Ceramic and Cobalt Alloys)

As FOCUS, We have been focusing on projects and the production of wide range of solutions Flat Steel Industry, especially  Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines, regarding; High precision cobalt alloy bushes and sleeves, customized special ceramic bushes by sustaining an exponential growth in the market and offering diversity of specific products for our customers.

Considering this sincere, reliable production and quality system, we are confident in resolving any prerequisites by showing dedication and quality in our work.

Cobalt alloy bushes and sleeves together with ceramic bushes are our main manufacturing focus with various business network connections all over the world by collaboration of talented and dynamic team available in Turkey, Germany and USA.

In the Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines(CGL), Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll and Correcting Roll are used to guide the strip in the Zinc Pot. Bushes and Sleeves installed to the Motor and Operator side of the Sink,Stabilizing and Correcting Rolls are important for the following:

  • Maximum wearing resistance at high temperature,
  • Compensating angular misalignments, various forces,
  • Improving the process efficiency and quality defects,
  • Preventing line stoppages,
  • Increasing the service lifetime of the zinc pot equipment (Sink Roll, Stabilizing Roll, Correcting Roll).

Cobalt Alloy bushes and sleeves, We have produced more than thousands specifications and all of them are produced upon customer’s drawing in order to ensure the excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Specifications of Cobalt Alloy Bushes and Sleeves are indicated at below table:

 Material :

 Stellite –Grade 3.4. 6.12 etc., Tribaloy T400 and T800 etc.

 Process :

 Centrifugal Casting and Coating on Surface


 38-58 HRC

 Density :

 8.0 g/cm ³ - 8.4 g/cm ³

 Size :

 Diameter 8-500mm and maxium length 700mm

 Properties :

 Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance

 Instructions :

 Drawing made upon cutomers request

 Usage :

 cooperate with other Rolls and Shafts

 Tolerance control :

 turning or grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing

 Production lead time:

 Samples in 10 days , normal order 30-45 days




Concerning Zinc Bath in Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Line, ceramic bushes from FOCUS are an unbeatable choice. We have been supplying ZrO2+MgO, Si3N4 or any other composition of ceramic bushes/stoppers according to customer requirements.

Here below are some of the advantages of ceramic bushes:

  • One of the reasons is ceramic bushes are durable. All materials have their own set of weaknesses. ...
  • Ceramic bushings also have excellent thermal conductivity, meaning they dissipate heat quickly,
  • Excellent Wear resistance,
  • Electrical insulation properties,
  • It can resist breaking or cracking when subjected to high temperatures since they are made of dense material with a low melting point,
  • They are resistant to corrosion or agressive ambient in Zinc Bath,
  • Ceramic bushings also have a longer lifespan than other bushes materials, which makes them a preferred choice for long-term applications.
  • Another advantage of ceramic bushings is that they are inexpensive and easy to replace.  This makes ceramic bushings an ideal choice for applications where downtime is a concern.

Specifications of ZrO2+MgO, Si3N4 ceramics are indicated at following table:





 Mechanical Properties

 Density (g/cm3)



 Hardness Vickers (kgf/mm:



 Water absorption (%)



 Flexural strength (20 °C) (Mpa)



 Elastic modulus (20 °C) (Gpa)



 Compressive strength (20 °C) (Mpa)



 Fracture Toughness (MPam1/2)



 Poisson`s Ratio (20 °C):




 White or








 Thermal Properties

 Thermal conductivity (20 °C) (W/m °K)



 Coefficient of thermal expansion

 (40-800 °C) (1x10-6/°C)



 Specific heat (100 °C) (J/kgK)



 Thermal shock resistance (°C)



 Maximum use temperature (°C)








 Electrical Properties

 Dielectric strength (6,35mm) (kV/mm)



 Volume resistivity (25 °C) (Ohm-cm)



 Volume resistivity (250 °C) (Ohm-cm)



 Volume resistivity (500 °C) (Ohm-cm)




With our more than 20 years experiences in galvanizing line process, not only supplying the bushes and sleeves but also we can give technical support to our valued customers.

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