Sink, Stabilizing, Correcting Rolls
Sink, Stabilizing, Correcting Rolls

The Sink Roll immerses the strip in the  molten alloy, while  the Stabilizing and Correcting Rolls steer and control the strip before it emerges from the Zinc Bath.

The Sink Roll is one of the key factors determining the production quality and production efficiency of the Continuous Galvanizing Line and has following properties;

  • With centrifugal casting of Sink Roll Body, precision casting of assembly knecks of Rolls,
  • mainly produced with 316L or 317L with a thermal coating of Roll Surface,
  • Outher Diameter is OD450mm*50mm, OD500mm, OD550mm, OD600mm, OD610mm, OD650mm, OD720mm, OD800mm(OD50-OD2000mm) or according to drawing and requirement,
  • The regular specification is 500-800,
  • Material and Test Standard can be ASME,DIN,GB or according to drawing and requirement,
  • Working temperature is 450ºC - 700ºC

Unexpected quality  of  Sink, Stabilizing and Correcting Rolls together with installed bushes and sleeves may cause to following defects which affect the quality and efficiency of Continuous Galvanizing Line;

  • Rolls not turning,
  • Sink Roll  groove  marks  appearing  on  the  galvanized strip,
  • Vibration,
  • Dross buildup on rolls,

Dross buildup on 316L stainless steel rolls is the result of two chemical reactions. Thermal spray coating could be applied on surface of Sink Roll in order to eleminate the dross buildup.

  • Between  steel  and  the  galvanizing  bath  to  pro-duce a surface reaction layer,
  • Interaction  of this  layer  with  dross  particles sus-pended in galvanizing bath.Iron in the steel strip reacts with  zinc and aluminum in the molten bath to produce dross as per the following chemical reaction

With our more than 20 years experiences in galvanizing line process, not only supplying the bushes and sleeves but also we can give technical support to our valued customers.

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